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    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Login / Sign up Create New Post Doubt Community Follow Views Posts 118 Feel free to post all your academic-related doubts... Mock Test Follow Views Posts 30 Mock & Sectional test for IPMAT | JIPMAT | DU JAT | CUCET | NPAT | CUET | Other exams.. Other Resources Follow Views Posts 31 More resources for entrances... General Discussion Follow Views Posts 4 A platform to share and grow. Ask any question you have or discuss about any topic that you find interesting... Life @ IIM Follow Views Posts 12 Life at an IIM is not what it seems to be! It is much more than a huge campus, world-class teachers and an amazing... Study material Follow Views Posts 38 Study material for IPMAT | JIPMAT | DU JAT | CUCET | NPAT | CUET | Other exams.. PI & WAT Community Follow Views Posts 60 Once you cross the hurdle of cracking the written exam, it’s time to focus on the next stage. Ask any question.... Daily GK & VOCAB Follow Views Posts 56 Follow the community for daily GK updates and Vocab list... Life @ DU Follow Views Posts 8 For at least once in our life, we all have heard our parents saying, “If you get admission in DU, your life is at ease.. News Feed Follow Views Posts 6 Latest news and updates on IPMAT | JIPMAT | CUCET | DU JAT | NPAT | IPU CET | Other exams. New Posts Suyash Dubey Jan 29 Please explain this asap Doubt Community 1 answer 1 1 Suyash Dubey Dec 19, 2021 Which trick to be applied here? Doubt Community 2 answers 2 1 Believers' Zone Nov 29, 2021 IIM Ranchi | IPM 01 Batch Interview Life @ IIM IIM Ranchi IPM01 - #believerszone #iim #iimranchi 0 answers 0 0 Forum - Frameless

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    Believers' Zone Entrance exams IPMAT Indore Resources Study Material Community Ask doubts Blogs B - Schools IPMAT Rohtak Mock Test Daily GK & Vocab Management DU JAT PI & WAT Support Life @ IIM PI & WAT CUCET Video lectures Life @ DU Social Believers' Zone Oct 18, 2021 Extempore topics #4 Believers' Zone Oct 29, 2021 DU JAT 2021 - Results out!!! Believers' Zone Oct 18, 2021 GK resources. IPMAT Indore Check Resources IPMAT Rohtak Check Resources DU JAT Check Resources NPAT Check Resources B's zone B's zone is an initiative taken by us to encourage everyone to share a common space through the following communication platforms. The aim is to connect more, reach for our goals and feel comfortable to share anything because in the end, we are all together in our quest for success!! A platform to share and grow the world’s knowledge... “If you get admission in DU, your life is at ease!”, but... Life at an IIM is not what it seems to be!... Ask any question you have here related to PI and WAT... Post all your academic related doubts in this community... Free mock tests and sectional tests for entrance exams... Believers' Zone Nov 23, 2021 Scholarship and Financial assistance for IIMs After clearing management exams, an extortionate fee of business schools becomes an elephant in the room for many aspirants, especially... 119 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Believers' Zone Aug 31, 2021 Answers to common interview questions (#2) There can be some questions that you can find rather challenging in an interview, but with better understanding and thorough preparation,... 189 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Believers' Zone Aug 30, 2021 Answers to Common Interview Questions (#1) At times, it can be tough to answer questions in an interview and it can really mess up with your goal to seek admission into your dream... 111 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 ABOUT US Believers' Zone creates resources and provides them for free to educate the world because we believe that learning leads to freedom. We prepare the students to compete, excel and ace in number of entrance examinations... READ MORE Find us on Linkedln 6367873321 & 9821144570 Find us on Instagram

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    About Us We create resources and provide them for free to educate the world because we believe that learning leads to freedom. We prepare the students to compete, excel and ace in a number of entrance examinations, framing a bright picture of their future for free. We provide the best study material, mock test series, video lectures, PI & WAT support, and access to the doubt section for IPMAT | JIPMAT | CUCET | DU JAT | NPAT | SET | CUET | IPU CET & many entrance exams at the cost of zero. Our motto is to consider the dreams of students as ours and help them actualize their aspirations. Our vision is to help them achieve their career goals by brushing their strengths. Also, we have established an IPM community realizing the importance of communication. We believe that to be able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn, therefore the community will encourage interaction among the students sailing in the same boat and help them guide each other through the journey of success. Furthermore, we have created a platform for blogging, a place where we can distil the experiences, thoughts, and ideas that we have learned during our education, career, and life journey. It is an initiative to try explaining and exclaiming our views! To enhance the social learning experience, we have extended our reach through YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram as well. YouTube will stir interaction and communication through live videos and discussions with people from different colleges to know about their experiences. Instagram will keep everyone updated about the new blogs, deadlines and important information. Telegram will be a platform for every student to freely ask their doubts and contact us. We welcome everyone to join us at Believers' Zone and be a part of our journey to enhance the youth into successful individuals! --------------------------------

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  • Scholarship and Financial assistance for IIMs

    After clearing management exams, an extortionate fee of business schools becomes an elephant in the room for many aspirants, especially for those who belong to low-income families. Although equipped with qualities and talents, many students murder their dreams due to financial constraints. To remove this impediment, a student may avail of a loan or apply for a scholarship. Scholarships For colleges and universities, a scholarship is a financial reward created to continue the studies of the students who are facing financial constraints. Various scholarship opportunities are provided by IIMs themselves to deserving candidates. Apart from this, some central and state-sponsored scholarships are also available for listed institutes. A few of them are discussed here: NEED-BASED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (NBFA) – IIM INDORE Indian Institute of Management, Indore extends need-based financial assistance to their IPM, PGP, and PGPH candidates. It is awarded to those students whose gross annual family income is up to INR 9,00,000 and who have scored at least 3 CGPA during the year in respective courses. To avail of scholarship benefits, the candidate first needs to take an educational loan from any private or public bank. Thereafter, the institute will indemnify interest on the loan for the time period student is studying in the institute. The scholarship amount depends upon the family income of the candidate. For further details, Visit here. NEED-BASED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (NBFA) – IIIM BODH GAYA Indian Institute of Management, Bodhgaya has recently started Integrated Programme in Management. They also provide financial aid to their IPM and PGP candidates who had already availed of a loan from any scheduled bank. The quantum of the scholarship depends upon the income slab of student’s fees -mi The scholarship is provided in two stages. In the first stage, the application and relevant documents submitted by participants are evaluated. In the second stage, some of the participants are called for personal interaction with the NBFA committee. Apart from the family’s income, the disciplinary records and academic performance of the candidate are also taken into consideration. For more details, Visit here.e Eligibility (Tuition Fe MERIT-CUM-MEANS SCHOLARSHIP It is a central government scheme to provide scholarship to poor and meritorious students who are pursuing professional and technical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The scholarship is provided to Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been notified as minority communities. For availing benefits, the annual income of candidate’s parents should be less than 2.5 lakhs. To check the list of eligible institutions, click here To know more, visit MADHYA PRADESH MEDHAVI VIDYARTHI YOJNA It is a state sponsored scholarship provided to all the students who are a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh. 100% tuition fees of participant is funded under this scheme but the mess and caution fees should be paid by student itself. The family income of candidate should be less than Rs. 6 lakh p.a. Also, the candidate should secure a minimum of 70 %( MP Board) and 85 %( CBSE/ICSE Board) in higher secondary examination. To apply for scholarship, visit or Educational loan schemes An educational loan aims at funding the college expenses of students. The basic objective behind providing such loans is to safeguard the quality education of students who kill their ambitions due to financial constraints. Various educational loan schemes are available for funding fees of IPM students. Let us look at few of them. SBI SCHOLAR LOAN SBI provides scholar loan for studying in some elected institutes of country. The list of institute constitutes IITs, IIMs, and NITs etc. To download the list, Click here. Repayment Period 1. The candidate has to repay loan amount along with interest in 15 years, after the course completion + 12 months. 2. In case second loan is availed for higher studies later, to repay the combined loan amount in 15 years after completion of second course. Rate of interest The rate of interest for such loan is floating. For List AA institute, current ROI is 6.95% and for List A institute, current ROI is 7%. Collateral For list AA institute, no collateral is required for loan up to Rs. 40 lakhs. For list A institute, no collateral is required for loan upto Rs. 20 lakhs and tangible collateral security is required for loan upto Rs. 30 lakhs LIST AA INSTITUTES IIM Indore LIST A INSTITUTES IIM Rohtak IIM Ranchi IIM Jammu IIM Bodhgaya To know more, Visit SBI Scholar loan. CENT VIDYARTHI – IIM AND OTHER REPUTED INSTITUTES It is an educational loan scheme of Central Bank of India provided to Indian national who have taken admission into IIMs and other premier institutes. Maximum amount of loan granted is Rs. 40 lakhs. Collateral 1. No collateral security or third party guarantee, Assignment of future income of the student. 2. Comprehensive life insurance policy for the student availing Educational Loan to the minimum of loan amount for a minimum period of loan term (i.e., course period + moratorium period + repayment period) assigned in favour of the Bank. 3. One time premium based term policy for life of the student for entire tenure of loan to be considered for payment within the ceiling of sanctioned limit. Rate of Interest The rate of interest for top 5 IIMs is 6.85% and for all other IIM is 7%. TOP 5 IIMs IIM Indore Other IIMs IIM Rohtak IIM Ranchi IIM Bodhgaya To check the list of all eligible institutes, Click here. VIDYA TURANT SCHEME – CANARA BANK Canara bank provides loan to the students who are pursuing their higher studies in reputed institutions viz., select IIMs/IITs/NITs/IISc/ISB (Hyderabad & Mohali) and other reputed Institutions. COLLATERAL 1. No collateral Security up to limits for institutions designated category wise (i.e. for students of IIMs Limits up to Rs 25.00 lacs) 2. Assignment of future income of the student 3. Loan granted jointly with parent/guardian and student. REPAYMENT Repayment of the loan will be in equated monthly Instalments up to a maximum of 15 years excluding the moratorium period (i.e., course period plus one year). RATE OF INTEREST ROI is 10.00% presently. Also, further concession of 0.5% to Girl Students will not be available under Vidya Turant Scheme. For further details, Click here. IPMAT | JIPMAT | DU JAT | CUCET | CUET | SET | NPAT | IPU CET & Other entrance exams

  • Answers to common interview questions (#2)

    There can be some questions that you can find rather challenging in an interview, but with better understanding and thorough preparation, it would be a cakewalk for you. Therefore, to help you out, in continuation of the Answers to common interview questions (Part 1), we present to you Part 2… Ques 1 What is your greatest achievement? Answer 1 Interviewers ask this question frequently to see if you are a high achiever and can add value to their college or not. Also, through this question, they examine your confidence level, hence it is important to mention something that you are really proud of, but prevent from bragging. The best way to answer this question is to talk about a recent achievement that is outside your academics. Also, do not forget to mention the reason why you think it is your greatest achievement. Example - “I think my greatest achievement till date is going to Beijing, China for the World Scholars’ Cup, which is an international debating competition and winning 3 gold medals there. I feel it is my greatest achievement because I was really apprehensive about it as it was the first time that I was ever participating in a debating competition.” Ques 2 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Answer 2 Such a question is asked to get a better understanding of your future goals and how the college will act as a support system for you to achieve those goals. This is a good way to show that you are motivated, ambitious, and self-aware. While answering this question, talk about your short-term as well as long-term goals, and how are you striving towards those goals. But remember not to go off-board. Example - “I see myself leading as a manager in an MNC after completing my post-graduation in business management from a top university.” Ques 3 What was your biggest failure? Answer 3 This question is usually asked to see whether you are comfortable talking about your mistakes or not. It is also important to tell them how did you overcome your mistakes. Tell them about the lesson you learned from it. This will show that you are determined and hardworking. **No set answer for the question. it heavily varies with the content... Ques 4 Who do you consider your idol? Answer 4 Interviewers ask this question to learn about you through the person you admire or consider your idol. While answering, it is not enough to just give the name of that person, you also have to talk about them and mention the reason why you admire them. Example - "I would say my mom because she has brought up four children on her own, running her own business. For me, she is a great example of determination in the face of hardship and the value of hard work." Ques 5 Which subject did you find challenging in your school years? Answer 5 Being a student, there definitely was a subject in school which had post challenges for you. But while answering this question, it is also important to mention how you tackled that subject. You can talk about strategies like tutoring or peer groups that helped you to overcome that challenge. **No set answer for the question. it heavily varies with the content... PI & WAT | Personal Interview | Written Ability Test | IIM Interview | IIM WAT | Free PI & WAT Support

  • Answers to Common Interview Questions (#1)

    At times, it can be tough to answer questions in an interview and it can really mess up with your goal to seek admission into your dream college. Therefore, here are some questions that are asked very frequently in an interview, along with some tips on how to answer and a sample answer. Ques 1 Tell me about yourself. Answer 1 This is a good opportunity to communicate your skills and passions. To answer this type of question, firstly mention your basic details like name, school, favorite subjects, and more, and then also include the information which you feel can create an impression on the interviewer like characteristics, ambitions, achievements, motivations, etc... It is also important to remember that the interviewer would give you only 45 seconds to 1 minute to answer this question, therefore you need to be precise and smart about your answer. Your aim should be to include maximum information in the minimum possible time and also not show as if you are bragging about things. Example - “My name is ABC and I am from New Delhi. I completed my schooling at XYZ school and I scored 96% in class 10th and 95.5% in class 12th. During my school years, I participated in a lot of debating competitions and won 3 gold medals for the same. I am also a zonal-level basketball player and I have a keen interest in theatre. In my free time, I like to read novels and I am a die heart fan of action movies” Ques 2 What are your strengths? Answer 2 Such a question is asked to know how much you know about yourself and how are you able to present it to someone else. This kind of question needs to be answered very carefully as it should not feel that you are overconfident. While answering this question, it is important to mention only 2-3 strengths that you feel are most relevant and that too in a very subtle manner. Example - “I think one of my greatest strengths is as a problem solver. I have the ability to see a situation from various perspectives and I can get my work done even in the face of difficult obstacles. I also feel that I have good leadership and communication skills which are important for being a top-notch manager. Also, I am a team player and a people person.” Ques 3 What are your weaknesses? Answer 3 The interviewer asks this question to know about things that you can’t do or have difficulty in doing. But you need to make sure that your answer does not reflect that you are underconfident or unfit. Therefore, you can mention 1-2 weaknesses. However, you also need to tell them how you intend to overcome them. Example - "I struggle with organization. While it has never impacted my performance, but still my desk remains cluttered. But over time, I have learned to set aside time to organize my physical and digital space, and I have seen it improve my efficiency levels." Ques 4 Why do you want to study this course? Answer 4 To answer this question, you can talk about your interest in that particular course or the subjects taught in it. Also, to support your answer, you can mention the qualities or skills that the course can instill in you. It is important to not mention materialistic factors like money or pressure as a reason to opt for the course. Example - “I want to study Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) because I feel that it is a very unique and creative programme. Also, it will instill management and leadership qualities in me. Moreover, it will take me one step closer to my goal of becoming a leading manager at an MNC.” Ques 5 Why did you apply for this college or university? Answer 5 This question is asked to test whether you are capable of making a deliberate and informed choice, or you just have the herd mentality. You can incorporate all the benefits that the university or college provides like low cost, scholarships, experienced faculty, good placement opportunities, exposure, etc... But remember not to compare it with any other university or college, since this may create a negative impression in front of the interviewers. Example - “I applied for Indian Institute of Management (IIM) because it is known for providing great exposure at a very early age. Also, I have heard a lot about its foreign faculty and the internships it offers. Moreover, I felt that it will be a great opportunity to associate myself with one of the most prestigious institutions right from the UG level.” PI & WAT | Personal Interview | Written Ability Test | IIM Interview | IIM WAT | Free PI & WAT Support

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