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Why IPM at IIM BG?

The Indian Institutes of Management are alleged as the most respected and top business schools in the country which give importance to real-world knowledge and critical intelligence, rather than memorization and conformist academic system. Continuing the reputation of IIMs, IIM Bodh Gaya nurtures a philosophy and syllabus whose main aim is to generate socially accountable managers and emotionally developed leaders.


A changing structure in consonant rhyme with studies and industry professionals offers the scholars the prospects to develop new abilities and discover varied viewpoints. Apart from the traditional classroom structure, the institute pays importance on real-world knowledge as scholars contribute to webinars with professionals, case studies, live projects, etc.

The college’s drive on the eloquent study is seen through the authorizations and achievements of its professors. In a limited time, the institute has reinforced its place in the business world, with its students contributing to well-known companies of India.

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IIM BG Placements

Average Package - 10 LPA +

Highest Package - 18 LPA +

Placement Ratio - 100%

**As Per MBA Placement Report

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Life @ IIMBG

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Life @ IIM

Life at an IIM is not what it seems to be! It is much more than a huge campus, world-class teachers, and an amazing salary!

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The institute recognizes the meaning of exploration of global values and modern inclinations for the enhancement of its students’ educational experience. To provide global exposure and social variety to the site, the college has built associations with numerous reputed institutions in France, Russia, Venezuela, Italy, South Korea, and Mexico while discussions are happening with many other global colleges.